Deadpool Trailer (NSFW)

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a movie than I am for this one. The Merc with a Mouth has finally made it to the big screen in the best possible way… None of that “mouth sewn shut” stuff from his last appearance.

New in Theaters July 17th 2015

No Surprise the third installment of the Despicable Me franchise this time featuring just the Minions in an aptly titled movie is number one at the box office. The giant Dino megahit Jurassic World is in number two while Pixar’s wonderful emotional treat Inside Out holds on to number 3. But that’s old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.

download (10)Ant Man is something people either will love or hate. If you’re a super hero fan, you’ve been excited for this one all year. If you love Paul Rudd, you’ve been super excited for this one all year. If you don’t like either of these things, you’re probably the one going around telling people how stupid this looks. I’ll admit, Ant Man just sounds like they are scraping the bottle of the barrel for superhero movies. None the less, Rudd’s witty charm might offer up something different than just straight action. Then again, they thought Ryan Reynolds would do that for the Green Lantern but… Rotten Tomatoes says 77 percent!

download (11)Trainwreck is another highly anticipated film because Judd Apatow can do no wrong. Well in my eyes anyway, I thought Funny People and This is 40 were just as good as all the rest of his films. This time he just directs Amy Schumer in a script she wrote. She is probably one of the hottest people on the planet right now so there’s automatic buzz from that. If her skits are any indication on how this is going to be, it might just be a smash hit that will win Apatow fans back over. Critics seem to think so giving it a whopping 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

download (12)Then there’s Woody Allen, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time who still amazingly pumps out a film a year. Irrational Man stars Joaquin Phoenix who is another one of those people who can do no wrong, especially in the last few years. Throw Emma Stone into the mix and you’ve most likely got a typical Woody film fans will see no matter what. This one is about an existential professor going through a mid life crisis… very Woody Allen indeed. Rotten Tomatoes says 40 percent.

download (13)download (14)Or there’s Mr. Holmes, a British movie fan’s wet dream. Ian McKellen plays an elderly Sherlock Holmes coming out of retirement for one last case. The Stanford Prison Experiment is a dramatization of a true story where students are used as prison guards and forced into mock situations for tests. That’s what’s playing for the week of July 17th, happy movie watching.



In 2012, comedy nerds everywhere were heartbroken when the Lonely Island left Saturday Night Live. Their Digital Shorts from “Dick in a Box” to “The Creep” became instant hits and completely changed how the legendary show was seen or accessed. They helped kick Youtube and file sharing into high gear with “Lazy Sunday.” And they even made a successful comedy you may have forgotten about called Hot Rod. It’s been ten years since they got onto the show, seven years since they made that movie and three since they departed to do other things. Guess what that other thing is? A new movie!

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New in Theaters June 19th 2015


Anyone heard of Jurassic World? Cha… right! It’s only just become the highest box office opener of all time. Apparently people have been excited for this one… who would have thought that? Obviously that’s the big earner at the box office so need I say more? This week it might just have a run for its money with the new highly anticipated Pixar movie. But that’s kind of old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.

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New in Theaters June 12th 2015

Spy seems to be taking the world by storm and earning Melissa McCarthy the best reviews of her career; that’s in number one. In number two last week is the hugely popular action disaster flick San Andreas. In number three is Insidious three… funny when those numbers line up. But that’s old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.

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7 Best Biographical Music Movies

With the release of Love and Mercy this weekend, I was thinking about other types of movies like it. For those who don’t know, this one showcases the life story of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, told through two different actor portrayals, Paul Dano as young Brian and John Cusack as the older version. It’s been getting great reviews and I can’t wait to see it. Every year there seems to be one of these movies that chart the rise and fall stories of out favorite musicians. Last year it was Jersey Boys, a fun musical ride I can’t recommend enough. But it got me thinking what the best music bio films are. After looking around and doing some research, here’s what I came up with.

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New in Theaters June 5th 2015

Well, I’ve been absent for the last while but it’s only because I couldn’t bring myself to telling you about the bashing Aloha got last week. Poor Aloha; needless to say that is not dominating the box office. San Andreas is in number one, Pitch Perfect 2 is holding on to number 2, and Tomorrowland is in number 3. Solid films I suppose but that’s old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.

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Names to Know: Cameron Crowe


Aloha has taken a lot of undeserved flack because of its odd pacing and the casting of Emma Stone as a one quarter Asian character. I feel the readers on this site or any other quite frankly are Emma fans, myself included, so the casting choice was a good one no matter what. But there’s the whole blather on diversity and lack of Hawaiian natives in the movie. I completely disagree and feel those people didn’t go see the movie. The plot is about earning the trust of a specific island group so they can launch a missile, er, I mean… satellite.

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New in Theaters May 1st

It’s amazing! Furious 7 has held on to its spot for a month now as the top grossing movie. People really do love their action. Obviously number 8 is going to be underway shortly if a movie this far into the series can rake in all that money. Let’s hope that’s not the same case for Paul Blart Mall Cop, since number 2 is also still in number 2 this week. And Last week’s timeless romance Age of Adeline claimed number 3. But that’s all old news, here’s what’s out this week.

  10869325_591589580977275_2778898650041679518_o   The Avengers: Age of Ultron is some little foreign movie you wouldn’t have heard about. It’s hardly opening in any theaters around the globe so it’s barely worth mentioning… kidding! It’s only the second most anticipated movie of the year. You all know what’s number one, don’t fight me on that. I will say, I’m not an Avengers fan, the lone wolf in this world I think, so it’s pointless for me to tell you about it. You’re all waiting in line to see it already anyways. Just keep in mind Rotten Tomatoes has already given it a 72 percent.

54dcc93873b710d476cfb70a_welcome-to-me-posterWelcome to Me is one I can get behind. Sadly, it probably won’t be in your small town theater, but if you know about it and eagerly wait for a DVD release, I think that’s fair. Just listen to this premise. Kristen Wiig plays a real life woman who won the lottery, quit her medication for borderline personality disorder, and bought her own talk show! It’s all true and it looks fantastic. It’s a comedy-drama that debuted at festivals last year, and its Will Ferrell produced! Rotten Tomatoes say 83 percent. I personally can’t wait.

ride-posterHelen Hunt stars in and directs Ride, a comedy-drama co-starring Luke Wilson about a single Mother who moves to California to be with her son and live a surfing beach filled lifestyle. Doesn’t seem to be very earth-shattering, but if you’re looking for a low budget spiritually uplifting film or you’re like me and actually like Helen Hunt, check it out. Rotten Tomatoes say 83 percent as well.

If none of those sound good, which I doubt, there is also Far From the Maddening Crowd that has Carey Mulligan returning to her routes in a British Victorian era period picture. If you read The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, the film version finally gets a limited theatrical release. And good old Viggo Mortensen still rocking foreign language films stars in the French Albert Camus adaptation of Far From Men. That’s what’s playing for the week of May 1st, happy movie watching.

New in Theaters April 24th 2015

2013-06-04 16.56.16 (2)   You guessed it! Furious 7 is still number one at the box office, beating Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 and leaving the social media horror film Unfriended at number three. This is the film’s third week at number one, earning a whopping gross of 1.15 Billion worldwide. That puts it at the 7th highest grossing movie of all time! That’s pretty insane considering it’s a seventh installment but I’m guessing everyone just wants to find out what happens to Paul Walker. As the week continues only time will tell if it will continue to climb that ladder. But that’s all old news, here’s what’s out this week.

downloadThe Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively and a dramatic Harrison Ford in a sweet Benjamin Button type drama about a woman from the early 20th century who becomes immortal after an accident and doesn’t age. She spends most of her life in solitude but meets a man that may cause her to age when she starts to fall in love. It looks fairly traditional and dare I say cheesy, but these romances often do us good. From the trailer, it looks like nothing new, but if you like sweeping period romances, here’s your chance. Rotten Tomatoes isn’t giving it much love with 55 percent as of now.

download (1)The Water Diviner is Russell Crowe’s directorial debut about an Australian man who travels to Turkey to find three missing sons. First of all it’s crazy that Crowe hasn’t directed before since he always struck me as an actor who had specific visions and control, and second, it’s good to see him in straight drama again. After all the flack he took for his singing in Le Misèrables, and his steady stream of action flicks like Broken City, Man of Steel, and the god awful Winter’s Tale, he is once again proving himself as one of the most talented and dedicated actors of this generation. Rotten Tomatoes says 65 percent which is the highest rating of the week.

download (2)Adult Beginners is a low budget comedy starring the up and coming Nick Kroll about a struggling entrepreneur who moves in with his pregnant sister, her husband, and their child. The irresponsible loser soon learns something from family life and the through spending time with the kid. It looks pretty standard as far as these types of comedies go, but there is a long list of comedian cameos including SNL’s Bobby Moynihan, 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski, and Joel McHale that could boost the film up. If you want a laugh go ahead, but Rotten Tomatoes is saying 48 percent. Looks pretty stale to me.

Also in theaters, Emily Watson stars in a WWII drama/ comedy called Little Boy while comedian Kevin Pollack explores the link between comedy and misery with a documentary filled with comedian interviews called Misery Loves Comedy. That’s what’s playing for the week of April 24h, happy movie watching.