Names to Know: Cameron Crowe


Aloha has taken a lot of undeserved flack because of its odd pacing and the casting of Emma Stone as a one quarter Asian character. I feel the readers on this site or any other quite frankly are Emma fans, myself included, so the casting choice was a good one no matter what. But there’s the whole blather on diversity and lack of Hawaiian natives in the movie. I completely disagree and feel those people didn’t go see the movie. The plot is about earning the trust of a specific island group so they can launch a missile, er, I mean… satellite.

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New in Theaters May 8th

10869325_591589580977275_2778898650041679518_oObviously Avengers is number one in the theaters right now, setting records and quickly becoming one of the highest earners of all time. Furious Seven holds on to number two but it’s still raking in tons of cash. That’s no shock to me. But what is surprising is the melodramatic romance Age of Adaline is still number three. I thought this one would disappear quickly but maybe audiences were in the mood for a good old fashioned romance. But that’s all old news, here’s what’s out this week. Continue reading

New in Theaters April 10th 2015

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Now on Goombas Gone Wild, you’ll get weekly reviews and recaps on what movies are coming out this weekend. Sadly, this one might be one of the slowest we’ve seen all year. Maybe that’s just my tastes, but it’s too early for summer blockbusters, and too late for quirky comedies and animation. Continue reading

Cassandra strongly disagrees with you

Varric strongly disagrees with you
Iron Bull strongly disagrees with you
Dorian strongly disagrees with you
Vivianne strongly disagrees with you
Blackwall strongly disagrees with you
Solas strongly disagrees with you
Sera strongly disagrees with you

And I don’t even know what I did!

Well, I do know what I did.  I put a man to death.  But not because I meant too!  It was because I accidentally selected the wrong dialogue option with my left hand, while my right was busy trying to fetch me more chips.  Perils of the ambidextrous gamer, the constant battle between being able to eat, and able to play the game.   This has been the extent of my relationship thus far with the newly released Dragon Age: Inquisition. Continue reading