A Little E3 Knowledge for You

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One Of the biggest weeks in the gaming calendar is upon us. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or “E3” as it’s more commonly known is in full effect right now. Starting off with Bethesdas conference yesterday  and continuing through out the week. We have seen Microsoft bring in some huge exclusives, EA showing off the future of Need for Speed and their many sport franchises. Ubisoft showed off a new ip but more on all of these at a later time. Nintendo’s press conference starts off early Tuesday morning and after that we will see developers and creators showing off the greatest and newest tech innovations. This ladies and gentleman is where the future is revealed.

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Cassandra strongly disagrees with you

Varric strongly disagrees with you
Iron Bull strongly disagrees with you
Dorian strongly disagrees with you
Vivianne strongly disagrees with you
Blackwall strongly disagrees with you
Solas strongly disagrees with you
Sera strongly disagrees with you

And I don’t even know what I did!

Well, I do know what I did.  I put a man to death.  But not because I meant too!  It was because I accidentally selected the wrong dialogue option with my left hand, while my right was busy trying to fetch me more chips.  Perils of the ambidextrous gamer, the constant battle between being able to eat, and able to play the game.   This has been the extent of my relationship thus far with the newly released Dragon Age: Inquisition. Continue reading

Dreams of a Made Man


“This was not the way I had imagined life would be. I dreamt of a life of cars, money, women, respect, freedom. I guess I ended up having all of that, but along with it came prison, living in constant fear and the blood of my friends. I ducked it as long as I could but it was finally catching up with me. It was all just a matter of time.”  — Vito Scaletta

Mafia 2 is set in a New York-esque city called Empire Bay in the late 1940’s where the Mafia feeds on the naive and gives to the corrupt.  We take on the role Vito Antonio Scalleta, who immigrated with his family from Sicily for a better life in America. But just like most dreams of greater life, Empire Bay squishes the Scalleta family. With financial woes and family drama, Vito takes on petty crime with his low life friend Joe Barbaro in order to provide for his family.  Vito finally gets to go home after serving 2 years in the army due to getting caught during a jewelry store robbery.  As soon as he lands back home he teams up with Joe yet again as low level associates of the Clemente Family.  Continue reading