New in Theaters May 8th

10869325_591589580977275_2778898650041679518_oObviously Avengers is number one in the theaters right now, setting records and quickly becoming one of the highest earners of all time. Furious Seven holds on to number two but it’s still raking in tons of cash. That’s no shock to me. But what is surprising is the melodramatic romance Age of Adaline is still number three. I thought this one would disappear quickly but maybe audiences were in the mood for a good old fashioned romance. But that’s all old news, here’s what’s out this week.

 download (6)  Hot Pursuit combines the talents of two very popular women, the flirtatious Sofia Vergara as a drug lord’s trophy wife and Reese Witherspoon as a by the book cop. She has to do everything in her power to protect Sofia as they race through Texas for safety and to prove she’s innocent. On the way, they pretend to be lesbians and pretty much use sexuality to get through every situation they get themselves in. I love Witherspoon, especially in her most recent film Wild, but this looks like a rehash of all those lady-cop movies that have been coming of lately with Melissa McCarthy. By the looks of it, it’s the worst one too! Rotten Tomatoes gives it 8 percent… that’s worse than pretty much everything on there…

imagesArnie is back in action… sort of! He’s acting again. And no, he’s not trying to get his child a toy or take down robots. Maggie is a drama about Zombies! You heard right. A girl get’s infected by a zombie virus, and Schwarzenegger plays her Father who helps her through it. Could this be a fresh take on the genre and a new comeback for the last action hero? Rotten Tomatoes claims 60 percent. It’s the highest rated of the week!

MZ5WT9DJack Black is aging! Never thought that would happen. He is actually is in his mid forties and lets it all show in The D Train. He plays a nerdy husband eagerly planning a high school reunion. Problem is, no one wants to go. But once he discovers an old classmate has made it big and appeared on a commercial, he stops at nothing to get him to come. Pure classic Black comedy mixed with a little down to earth humor. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 45 percent.

You can also see Dianne Keaton and Morgan Freeman play an aging couple looking for a new home in a sweet drama called 5 Flights Up and Michelle Monaghan and Chris Evans star in a romantic comedy about philanthropists in Playing it Cool. That’s what’s playing for the week of May 8th, happy movie watching.

By Ryan Uytdewilligen


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