Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman-Arkham-Knight-Game-HD-Wallpaper-1080pToday we take on the role of The Bat yet again in Batman Arkham Knight. The conclusion to Rocksteady’s a beloved Batman Arkham trilogy. And yes I am awear there are four games now, and no Batman: Origins does not count since it was not developed by Rocksteady but by WB Montreal. Batman is up against his baddest foe yet, boredom!
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A Little E3 Knowledge for You

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One Of the biggest weeks in the gaming calendar is upon us. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or “E3” as it’s more commonly known is in full effect right now. Starting off with Bethesdas conference yesterday  and continuing through out the week. We have seen Microsoft bring in some huge exclusives, EA showing off the future of Need for Speed and their many sport franchises. Ubisoft showed off a new ip but more on all of these at a later time. Nintendo’s press conference starts off early Tuesday morning and after that we will see developers and creators showing off the greatest and newest tech innovations. This ladies and gentleman is where the future is revealed.

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Guess who’s back?


As of today, June 1, 2015, Goombas Gone Wild has had over 1500 views on our site from over 800 people. We have also reached 100+ likes on our Facebook page. I would like to thank all of you for your support. It truly means a lot to us to have people commenting on our content and sharing our words of mighty wisdom. And let’s not forget your ability to put up with my annoying posts on Facebook, that’s appreciated as well. Next I would like to thank Ryan (The Professional),  Ayden (The Creative), Allen (The Board Game King), Matt (The Man With the Shoes) and yes you too Dan (Classical Guru), as my co-creators and co-bloggers at Goombas Gone Wild. Without them Goombas wouldn’t be where it is now.
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New in Theaters April 17th 2015

No surprise, Furious 7 is still number one at the box office, raking in millions every day from its massive fan base. The family animated alien adventure Home staring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, and Steve Martin is in number two, and the Nicholas Sparks bull riding romance The Longest Ride is in number three. So last week did little to break down the top earners, but that’s all old news, here’s what’s out this week. Continue reading

This is Big Boss calling – The best and worst boss battles in videogames

This is a great article that I think really captures what actually MAKES a great boss fight in gaming, and what can make them fall flat. A great read!

In case you missed it end of level bosses are back in a big way. With the success of Bloodbourne and the Souls series, the struggle, that existed since videogames began is alive and well. But what bosses do you remember most and why? Let’s take a longer look at some of the best and worst.

What is an end of level boss? A boss In our daily working lives, could be defined as someone who makes us act differently from how normally would. You could say they are someone we have to get past to succeed or at the least have freedom. Sound familiar? Think of what you enjoy doing in a game. The enjoyment is not usually from taking down a cruel and unfair boss, it is from the design of the level and normal step-by-step game-play. Bosses range from imaginative, do or die encounters, that are the crescendo…

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DYING LIGHT Zombies Not Laughing at Techland April Fools Gag

An excellent idea for some April Fools fun! I love when developers are willing to have a bit of fun with their users!

Another Castle

Techland, creators of the early 2015 blockbuster success Dying Light, have announced today that they intend to celebrate April Fools with a bit of in-game fun.

Dying Light players who dive in on April 1 will find themselves with a tainted batch of Antizin, the antidote designed to prevent the spread of the zombifying infection. This “bad batch” is said to have some unexpected side effects and players will be able to exploit them, with hilarious consequence.

These side effects, as listed in a video on the Dying Light YouTube channel, will include “uncontrollable fits of violence”, “excessive strength and aggression”, “persistent muscular tension”, “severely altered motor skills” and an “obsessive compulsive need to kick stuff”.

What exactly does this mean for Dying Light fans? Basically, you’re a Super Man zombie fighting machine. And for one day only, every attack will send zombies careening from rooftops and flying…

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BlindSpot is Back! – Return from the Dead

Video games are a wide world. Its an amazing experience for so many different people. However, the experience of video games isn’t the same for everyone. @RealBlindSpot is a legally blind gamer and he recently re-launched his channel; which covers everything from gaming to everyday life through his eyes. Think its interesting? I sure do! Check out his YouTube channel: The Blind Spot Life and his relaunch video below! Be sure to like/share the video as well as let me know what you think!

– Dan (@Kapd_)



Ahhhh what a glorious day. Oh what’s so great about it you may ask? Well Borderlands: The Handsome Collection came out. Two amazing games from one amazing series packaged up in one little amazing box. With updated shaders, updated graphics, 1080p definition and all the DLC ever created for the game, looks like we actually get our money’s worth on a game. The Collection features Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. Continue reading