Goombas Giveaways: Kingsmen Edition

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ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! Please avert your eyes from everything else on your Facebook and focus them on us, right here. I don’t care if you are watching a video of a cute cat or dog who happens to have super stubby legs and do cute things. All eyes on us, we have something FREE for you all. Oh Yea that’s right Freeeeeeeeeee! Everyone loves free stuff. I especially love free pizza. Unfortunately I don’t have pizza but I do have something for you to watch while eating pizza.

We will be giving away a brand new copy of Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

To be eligible you must live in Canada and you have to like our Facebook page and share our Goombas Giveaway post. (Please see below for links to Facebook and Twitter) The moment we reach 175 likes on the page we will be making the draw and will contact the winner.

This is going to be the first of hopefully many giveaways brought to you by Goombas Gone Wild and it’s CEO, Me, Garret Olsen. As well we are not sponsored by Facebook in anyway and this giveaway comes out of our own pocket.

Please share us with all your friends and family. We have a passion and we want to share it with the world.

Thank you,

Garret Olsen aka XTheSymbioteX

Goombas Gone Wild

Lethbridge, Alberta

Names to Know: Alexander Payne


Recently re-watching a bunch of his movies, it dawned on me that a lot of people don’t know the name Alexander Payne; and it really Payned me to realize that. Did you see what I did there? Huh? Pretty clever. But nowhere near the cleverness of this gentleman who has captured human life to its funniest and rawest in all his movies. For sure at the near top of the list of my favorite directors, I’m glad to have a platform on Goombas Gone Wild to share his work and his name with you. As the self proclaimed Alberta movie guru and contributing movie writer on this site, I want to bring you some features on filmmakers to brighten your horizon and maybe pass along some good film recommendations to you as well. Maybe you’ve heard a name and never seen a film of theirs or you’ve seen many but never realized who made it; let Names to Know be your guide to good movies and Hollywood knowledge.

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Why you should be Watching The Last Man on Earth


I know, new television really isn’t my thing. I’m still watching old reruns of MASH and Mary Tyler Moore. I did indulge in True Detective and the first two seasons of House Of Cards (I can’t get into season three and I have no clue why). Now I’m working my way slowly but surely through Tina Fey’s new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s really funny with 30 Rock type humor, it’s just not a good one to binge on. I gave up on Mulaney despite my love for Martin Short and I am the only person who doesn’t watch Orange is the New Black; but I just discovered a show that believe or not is on a network, is completely original, and less than 10 episodes in. The Last Man on Earth is the first show I’ve been hooked on in a long, long time. Continue reading


Simmer! It’s Just a Video Game

Once again the video game industry has come under fire for its violent content, what else is new? It’s the same thing over and over again and every time I get more frustrated with the world. For some reason my brain cannot fathom the idea why people complain about violence in video games. I mean I can go onto Netflix and watch Rampage which happens to be a story about a kid going and shooting up his town. Or I can look at the news and see pretty much the exact same thing if not worse. Continue reading