New in Theaters June 26th 2015

I was wrong. Inside Out didn’t beat Jurassic World… well in box office gross that is. The dino flick is still in number one while Inside Out is in number two, but it did earn critical raves and has been called one of the best Pixar movies, so that in itself is pretty impressive. Surprisingly, Spy is still in third place, proving that it’s a dynamite original comedy. But that’s old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.
dirty-poster-for-ted-2Ted 2 is a sequel to Ted… what a shocker. Seth Macfarlane shrugs off the Western bomb he released last year and furthers the story of the world’s favorite talking Teddy bear. In this one, Ted must prove he is a legal human being to have a child. Sounds pretty heavy but I’m guessing this one is going to be on par with the first. The vulgar surprises might be gone but if you’re a fan of the Family Guy type humor, this probably won’t let you down. Rotten Tomatoes says 44 percent which actually isn’t bad for a type of movie like this.
download (4)For the whole family, there’s Max; a drama about an aid dog in Afghanistan that bonds with an American Soldier. After the soldier dies, his younger brother inherits the dog and learns lessons on responsibility. Sound heavy for a kids movie but it’s by the same people who did Marley and Me so what do you expect? Not too many stars in this one, just Thomas Hayden Church but it looks sweet and probably like something I would have watched growing up. No Rotten Tomatoes reviews yet but keep your eyes peeled if this sparks your interest.
download (5)Escobar: Paradise Lost is exactly what you hope it is so hold tight and hope it arrives in your theater. It’s a movie about Pablo Escobar told through the eyes of his nephew played by Josh Hucherson. I remember this kid from years ago when he was a young budding Disney star so it’s weird for me to see him playing this type of role. Benicio Del Toro on the other hand was born to play Escobar. If you’re a fan of drug history movies like Blow, this one should put a creepy smile on your face. 63 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
batkid_begins_66280Batkid Begins also hits theaters. It’s a documentary about a 5 year old cancer patient who goes through treatments while pretending he’s Batman. Pass the tissues please. That’s what’s playing for the week of June 26th, happy movie watching.

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