In 2012, comedy nerds everywhere were heartbroken when the Lonely Island left Saturday Night Live. Their Digital Shorts from “Dick in a Box” to “The Creep” became instant hits and completely changed how the legendary show was seen or accessed. They helped kick Youtube and file sharing into high gear with “Lazy Sunday.” And they even made a successful comedy you may have forgotten about called Hot Rod. It’s been ten years since they got onto the show, seven years since they made that movie and three since they departed to do other things. Guess what that other thing is? A new movie!

Okay, so it might be old news that a Lonely Island movie is under way but I was surprised to know a lot of fans were unaware. Some people were even under the impression these three faded away into thin air, well maybe Akiva and Jorma. Andy Samberg currently stars on the widely popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom and is about to appear in an HBO special called 7 Days in Hell. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a Christopher Guest like Mockumentary about a fictional tennis match that lasts one week. The cast alone is making it work a watch. Check out the trailer if you haven’t heard of it because as a Lonely Island fan, you might be excited.
Akiva Schaffer has had a couple of cameos in Adam Sandler flicks while Jorma Taccone directed the MacGruber movie in 2010. More recently he directed episodes of Parks and Rec and Brookyln Nine-Nine. Still, these three have managed to stay buds over the years and even produce a couple of surprise Digital Shorts like when Andy hosted SNL last summer, The Oscars, and for the 40th anniversary last March.
Their new project is Conner4real, a film directed by, written by, and starring all three. Judd Apatow even stepped behind the camera as producer and he rarely misses so there’s a great sign already. Sarah Silverman is also part of the cast as since it’s just starting production, it’s set for a 2016 summer release.
Now, the big mystery is what is all about? Music videos… the Dick in a Box guys? Well, sort of actually. Word on the street is, Samberg plays a rapper who has a solo album that’s bombs. In embarrassment, he rejoins a boy band he was part of years earlier. I think we can all agree this is very Lonely Island and you can picture it already. Again, the plot hasn’t been released and it’s just a rumor, so time will tell. Until then, enjoy those classic songs like ‘We Just Had Sex” and hope for a reunion on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Ryan Uytdewilligen

One thought on “Conner4real

  1. vahrkalla June 24, 2015 / 11:04 am

    Lol, I loved Hot Rod, especially that stupidly long montage of Andy falling down that cliff. I was kinda disappointed with The Wack Album, though.


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