Team Up

The objective of Goombas Gone Wild is, in short, to bring the latest news, reviews, and updates on all the latest video games efficiently into your hands.  Our team of writers and editors strive hard everyday to play and beat the newest games so you don’t have to!  Together, the 5 of us have an estimated 150 collective years of video game experience.  We’ve worn down joysticks, rage quit, and spilt Dr. Pepper on our controller so the B and Y buttons stick – but we play on anyway.

Though, don’t expect us to use the player 2 controller.

But Goombas Gone Wild does way more than just cover video games.  We’re also avid card game players (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh), board game players (Pandemic, Zombicide), table top roleplayers (DnD, Dragon Age), and much more!  Our coffee tables are littered with comic books and graphic novels, our TVs are always showing the latest in 3D blu-rays, and our stereos are always bumping some fresh tunes.  We have a wide range of interests, and we’re dedicated to cover the latest news and reviews of it all!

Located in the heart of Lethbridge Alberta, Goombas Gone Wild aims to promote and encourage the growth of our town’s budding digital arts community.  As our little site grows, we plan on continuing to expand our involvement, moving to include coverage of awesome local events, day 1 releases, and anything else we can be apart of!  Goombas Gone Wild looks forward to becoming a leading contributor in the Lethbridge digital arts / geek scene.