The Party

(CEO, director, head honcho, director of sales, director of marketing)


Some say he was born on a sailing ship, other’s say he’s eaten an entire ghost pepper without blinking.  There’s only one thing we know for sure, he’s XTheSymbioteX!

GT: XTheSymbioteX                                                                   Twitter: @XTheSymbioteX



(Executive Chef, Mexican American fusion cuisine.)

Studying New Media technologies in a small Canadian city.  Currently working on growing out my mullet.
My girlfriend describes me as “on the cusp of undesirable.”

Allen Bellamy
(Sr. in charge of accounting, finance management, professional slamball star)

26, born and raised in Lethbridge, AB
First video game console was the Sega Genesis
Favorite games are Chrono Trigger,  Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda                                                       Passionate about video game music,  I listen to it all day at work.     Favorite composers,  Koji Kondo,  Yoko Shimomura,  Nobuo Uematsu                                                                                        Other interests: Card games,  Magic , Yugioh, Pokemon             Also trying to get into board games. Currently playing Talisman,    Pandemic Zombiecide and Ticket to Ride.

Crks21 (change this as needed)
(Local luxury footwear store owner, builder of fantastic doors)


Winner of over 500(est.) Jamie sandwiches from the past two years of Fantasy Football leagues.

Never sold a pair of blue suede shoes in his life.

Ryan Uytdewilligen
(The Professional)

10408091_10152762961254177_4535673844206767140_n (1)Born in a small town and raised on a farm in Alberta, Canada, Ryan started his writing early on. He studied broadcasting at Lethbridge College, leading in to copy writing and news reporting. He recently finished a year at the Vancouver Film School where he completed several screenplays and produced a short film. Ryan has written everything from sketch comedy to speeches and loves to put his life experiences and traveling down on the page.

Twitter: @RyanUytde


Dan Kapusta (Othello77)

(The Guy. The Technical Master. If you have a problem, he has several solutions)

ldengagement_082 Working at a software company in Lethbridge, AB, Dan has always had a strong passion for all things gaming. His first games were Super Mario Brothers. and Duck Hunt, and his passion has only grown from there. He lives to share his passion of gaming with others. This extends to video games, board games, tabletop games, and more!

Twitter: @KapD_

Personal Blog:

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