BlindSpot is Back! – Return from the Dead

Video games are a wide world. Its an amazing experience for so many different people. However, the experience of video games isn’t the same for everyone. @RealBlindSpot is a legally blind gamer and he recently re-launched his channel; which covers everything from gaming to everyday life through his eyes. Think its interesting? I sure do! Check out his YouTube channel: The Blind Spot Life and his relaunch video below! Be sure to like/share the video as well as let me know what you think!

– Dan (@Kapd_)

Dan’s Top 10 Boss Fights in Video Games

Boss Fights have always been used to mark important milestones in gaming.  Originally they were used to mark the halfway or final challenge in an individual level.  As time has gone on, they’ve transitioned to more of a storyline milestone, since games have become less based around a strict level organizational style.

Sometimes a boss fight is simply another challenge between you and the next level/story event. But sometimes, boss fights can be truly amazing. They can be an incredible experience. Forcing you to use every tool at your disposal, or feature mechanics that really make an impression. When you finally overcome the fight, you wish you could turn around and do the fight all over again. When coming up with this list, I stuck to only one boss per game series to make it more interesting. Obviously there are some game series that are known for their incredible boss fights (*cough* Metal Gear Solid *cough*), and I really wanted to spread the love! It should go without saying, but there will be SPOILERS ahead!

Without further ado, here are my top 10 boss fights in video games: Continue reading


Simmer! It’s Just a Video Game

Once again the video game industry has come under fire for its violent content, what else is new? It’s the same thing over and over again and every time I get more frustrated with the world. For some reason my brain cannot fathom the idea why people complain about violence in video games. I mean I can go onto Netflix and watch Rampage which happens to be a story about a kid going and shooting up his town. Or I can look at the news and see pretty much the exact same thing if not worse. Continue reading

That Call of Duty Rush tho


There is this feeling you get when playing Call of Duty online. I mean sure each game has pretty much the same components as the previous one but I mean why change a game that has nearly perfected the ideal online multiplayer for shooter fans. And the reason I say that they have perfected online multiplayer is because of that magical sensation, that adrenalin rush that takes over my body when I start kicking ass. That moment when I hit a 10 killstreak, I could feel my heart pumping. Continue reading

Let’s Go Camping!


I still don’t understand the hatred of “campers”. Dont get me wrong i get frustrated off when i run around the corner and get my brains blown out by a guy laying on the ground but i cant tell the guy how to play the game. Multiplayer means “multiple people playing multiple ways” at least thats how i would define it. So really if i were to complain and try and tell that jag off that they are playing the game wrong, i in fact would be in the wrong. I mean who am i or any of you playing online multiplaer to tell some one they are playing the game wrong? A true gamer would figure out a way to outmaneuver such a strategy. At least that’s what I would do. To protest against “Camping” would be a like stabbing a knife into the back of the online community. I mean if I was good enough to be able to snipe from one spot the entire game and still end up with the most kills doesn’t that say something about everyone elses skill as an online competitor. In other words if you cant compete again someone camping you make just be shit at the game. Just saying. I think the best part of online multiplayer is the ability to play the game as you wish, in any fashion you can create within the game. A true gamer adapts to their enemies and defeats them, they don’t complain about them.