Names to Know: Cameron Crowe


Aloha has taken a lot of undeserved flack because of its odd pacing and the casting of Emma Stone as a one quarter Asian character. I feel the readers on this site or any other quite frankly are Emma fans, myself included, so the casting choice was a good one no matter what. But there’s the whole blather on diversity and lack of Hawaiian natives in the movie. I completely disagree and feel those people didn’t go see the movie. The plot is about earning the trust of a specific island group so they can launch a missile, er, I mean… satellite.

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10 Other Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


Now that were really into the swing of things for 2015 movie releases and summer blockbusters are right around the corner, the most anticipated movies of the year start to appear on the big screen for us to enjoy. And yes, like most recent years there is a long list of special effect ridden adventures like the second Avengers movie, Disney’s Tomorrowland, and the 4th installment of Jurassic Park. Then there’s Star Wars: Force Awakens which no doubt in my mind will become the biggest movie of all time. But there are a few smaller movies you might not have heard about or have slipped past your radar. They might not have a built in franchise (Well, one kind of did) but they will no doubt cause a stir at the box office and maybe rack up a few awards next Oscar season. Here are my top picks of what looks interesting that people don’t seem to know. Continue reading