New in Theaters June 5th 2015

Well, I’ve been absent for the last while but it’s only because I couldn’t bring myself to telling you about the bashing Aloha got last week. Poor Aloha; needless to say that is not dominating the box office. San Andreas is in number one, Pitch Perfect 2 is holding on to number 2, and Tomorrowland is in number 3. Solid films I suppose but that’s old news, here’s what’s coming out this week.

Entourage the movie… never watched the TV show so I won’t be seeing it. What I do know is the endless parade of celebrity cameos is what made it beloved, particularly Matt Damon and producer Mark Wahlberg. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll no doubt being going to see it. If you’ve never heard of the show or didn’t watch it like me, it’s not a big deal. Looks like there will be quite a few celebs showing up though. Have fun if you a fan… and by the looks of it, you’ll certainly have to be. Rotten Tomatoes says only 32 percent.
Insidious Chapter 3 is the next one out this weekend. I hated the first one so much I could never bring myself to see the second. I like horror… this is not horror. Again, just my opinion, but if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll certainly be wanting to check this out. It is a prequel this time so maybe there could be a unique and new story twist. Then again, Rotten Tomatoes says 57 percent. Maybe fans won’t have to fret. Either way, it’s the scariest thing you’ll find in theaters right now.
For those with more of a funny bone, there’s Spy. Melissa McCarthy plays a CIA agent. I swear I’ve seen this before, but she has already been a cop, an identity thief, and detective before. If you like her style, you’ll like this one I’m sure. Jude Law and Jason Statham have roles in it too and they both claim it’s an action movie that happens to be funny. Rotten Tomatoes seems to agree with an overwhelming positive review of 94 percent. 
What I’ll be seeing this weekend is Love and Mercy, a biopic of the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson played by both John Cusack and Paul Dano. I do love me some Beach Boys. Adam Driver also stars in an Italian thriller called Hungry Hearts. That’s what’s playing for the week of June 5th, happy movie watching.


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