In 2012, comedy nerds everywhere were heartbroken when the Lonely Island left Saturday Night Live. Their Digital Shorts from “Dick in a Box” to “The Creep” became instant hits and completely changed how the legendary show was seen or accessed. They helped kick Youtube and file sharing into high gear with “Lazy Sunday.” And they even made a successful comedy you may have forgotten about called Hot Rod. It’s been ten years since they got onto the show, seven years since they made that movie and three since they departed to do other things. Guess what that other thing is? A new movie!

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Why you should be Watching The Last Man on Earth


I know, new television really isn’t my thing. I’m still watching old reruns of MASH and Mary Tyler Moore. I did indulge in True Detective and the first two seasons of House Of Cards (I can’t get into season three and I have no clue why). Now I’m working my way slowly but surely through Tina Fey’s new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s really funny with 30 Rock type humor, it’s just not a good one to binge on. I gave up on Mulaney despite my love for Martin Short and I am the only person who doesn’t watch Orange is the New Black; but I just discovered a show that believe or not is on a network, is completely original, and less than 10 episodes in. The Last Man on Earth is the first show I’ve been hooked on in a long, long time. Continue reading