Goombas Giveaways: Kingsmen Edition

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ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! Please avert your eyes from everything else on your Facebook and focus them on us, right here. I don’t care if you are watching a video of a cute cat or dog who happens to have super stubby legs and do cute things. All eyes on us, we have something FREE for you all. Oh Yea that’s right Freeeeeeeeeee! Everyone loves free stuff. I especially love free pizza. Unfortunately I don’t have pizza but I do have something for you to watch while eating pizza.

We will be giving away a brand new copy of Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

To be eligible you must live in Canada and you have to like our Facebook page and share our Goombas Giveaway post. (Please see below for links to Facebook and Twitter) The moment we reach 175 likes on the page we will be making the draw and will contact the winner.

This is going to be the first of hopefully many giveaways brought to you by Goombas Gone Wild and it’s CEO, Me, Garret Olsen. As well we are not sponsored by Facebook in anyway and this giveaway comes out of our own pocket.

Please share us with all your friends and family. We have a passion and we want to share it with the world.

Thank you,

Garret Olsen aka XTheSymbioteX

Goombas Gone Wild

Lethbridge, Alberta