Guess who’s back?


As of today, June 1, 2015, Goombas Gone Wild has had over 1500 views on our site from over 800 people. We have also reached 100+ likes on our Facebook page. I would like to thank all of you for your support. It truly means a lot to us to have people commenting on our content and sharing our words of mighty wisdom. And let’s not forget your ability to put up with my annoying posts on Facebook, that’s appreciated as well. Next I would like to thank Ryan (The Professional),  Ayden (The Creative), Allen (The Board Game King), Matt (The Man With the Shoes) and yes you too Dan (Classical Guru), as my co-creators and co-bloggers at Goombas Gone Wild. Without them Goombas wouldn’t be where it is now.

Huge shout out to Ryan for his constant content over these last few weeks. In times where the rest of us were hiding in the dark, he was a shining light. #Corny
Now lets talk about what is to come for Goombas Gone Wild.
Some plans we have in the future include:
• YouTube Videos/Twitch Streaming – no idea what these are going to be about but you can bet they are going to have some killer music and some crummy gameplay.
• Guest Blogging – We want you, and you, and you, maybe you to express your feelings on anything nerdy. Just saw Mad Max? Write what you thought about the movie and send it our way. Feel like some game companies just don’t care anymore, take that pain and rant all you like about it and send it to us. For more info on this please contact us at
• Game Nights – Every now and again I like to get my friends together and just multiplayer until we die! Well now we are going to open this grand time to all of you. Join us on TBD days and we will put yours and our skills to the test.
• Weekly Reviews – To go Along with Ryan’s weekly new releases we hope to produce reviews on Games, Movies, TV shows and Music
As well as our high quality content that we have been providing for the past month.
As the days roll on, Goombas Gone Wild will continue to strive to be Lethbridge’s go to site for all that is nerdy and geeky. With the help of all of you I’m sure we can do some extraordinary work. Remember to share us with your friends and family or if we annoy you share us with your enemies. We don’t mind.

Garret Olsen aka TheSymbiote aka Head Honcho


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