This is Big Boss calling – The best and worst boss battles in videogames

This is a great article that I think really captures what actually MAKES a great boss fight in gaming, and what can make them fall flat. A great read!

In case you missed it end of level bosses are back in a big way. With the success of Bloodbourne and the Souls series, the struggle, that existed since videogames began is alive and well. But what bosses do you remember most and why? Let’s take a longer look at some of the best and worst.

What is an end of level boss? A boss In our daily working lives, could be defined as someone who makes us act differently from how normally would. You could say they are someone we have to get past to succeed or at the least have freedom. Sound familiar? Think of what you enjoy doing in a game. The enjoyment is not usually from taking down a cruel and unfair boss, it is from the design of the level and normal step-by-step game-play. Bosses range from imaginative, do or die encounters, that are the crescendo…

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