Ahhhh what a glorious day. Oh what’s so great about it you may ask? Well Borderlands: The Handsome Collection came out. Two amazing games from one amazing series packaged up in one little amazing box. With updated shaders, updated graphics, 1080p definition and all the DLC ever created for the game, looks like we actually get our money’s worth on a game. The Collection features Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2.
Borderlands 2 you take on Handsome Jack and his corrupt Hyperion Cooperation. Handsome Jack has secured a new and valuable resource known as “Eridium” and has been using it to bring “peace” to Pandora. While Jack rules everyone with an iron fist, rumors spread that another secret vault containing treasures of un-imaginable power spreads across the galaxy, drawing in a new group of Vault Hunters.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel features Jack before he became handsome and “Stalin” like, putting together a team of Hunters in search for a Vault somewhere on the Pandora’s Moon. Since I myself have not played this one I can’t go too far into the story without spoiling it for you and for me. Basically it’s the story of how Jack went from being a low level programmer to Handsome Jack and the leader of the Hyperion Cooperation.
Included with the Collection is all the DLC ever created for both games, that is over $100 for the price of $70. I could name all the DLC but I it would take forever… I mean I could if I really wanted to… yea I am not going to do it.
Also if anyone is picking this up use these Shift Codes to unlock 25 Golden Keys. Golden Keys unlock rare weapons and items in-game. So make sure to get these before they expire on the 31 of March and get a head start in the game.
Borderlands 2:
Xbox 360 / Xbox One: CJC33-KHBCW-FHF6Z-C6JTB-F9395
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Xbox 360 / Xbox One: 555JT-6TTT9-KCFJX-CXT33-T3FBC


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