Manners Maketh Man


                             “We are an independent international intelligence agency operating at                               the highest level of discretion. The Kingsmen agents are the new knights.” Galahad

As I sit in the theater watching Kingsmen: The Secret Service for the second time, (I say “second time” because for me that’s a huge thing to do. I couldn’t tell you the last movie I saw twice in the theater. I just don’t do that) I find myself looking around at everyone in the theater trying to get a glimpse of their reactions. I was hoping to see everyone loving the movie as much as I did because I truly think Kingsmen: The Secret Service is a new age spy-movie masterpiece.

Kingsmen, a privately invested spy agency, made up of new age Knights of the round table, must find a new recruit to fill a missing seat. A promising young street rat is chosen to participate in a competitive and grueling training program to see if he has what it takes to be the Ultimate Gentleman Spy. Just in time too as a Billionaire takes it into his own hands to save the earth from the people who populate it.

The clever and witty dialog, the unneeded but wanted cussing , the obscene hand gestures and the clever use of old classic James Bond-esq music truly made this action movie funnier than I expected. Not only did I laugh with the audience but I caught myself bursting out the most random of scenes. I felt like I should have had someone turning around and shushing me to death.

I cringe, I avert my eyes, I hold my neck hoping that what I just watched never happens to me. The fighting is over the top, the shoot outs are filled with bloody mist and they even tossed in a little reverse car chase. God I wish I could drive like him, but no, I back up for 5 seconds and I take out a Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru sign.

Collin Firth is one hell of a bad ass, in a suit, that probably cost more than my car. Up and comer Taron Egerton was a hilarious as an obscene street punk who went under one hell of a transformation to a charming and dashing gentleman spy. Kind of like in My Fair Lady. Samuel L. Jackson performance rivals some of my favorite classic James Bond villians like Dr. No (Dr. No) and Francisco Scaramanga (Man with the Golden Gun)

If you haven’t already guessed it, I loved this movie, from beginning to end. I would recommend it to anyone and I think I may just go searching for the comics that influenced this fine ass movie.

Until next time, this has been “XTheSymbiote loving movies” with your host Garret R. Olsen

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