That Call of Duty Rush tho


There is this feeling you get when playing Call of Duty online. I mean sure each game has pretty much the same components as the previous one but I mean why change a game that has nearly perfected the ideal online multiplayer for shooter fans. And the reason I say that they have perfected online multiplayer is because of that magical sensation, that adrenalin rush that takes over my body when I start kicking ass. That moment when I hit a 10 killstreak, I could feel my heart pumping. As I sprint around the map I hope whatever opponent I faced, I could outlast, that my life could sustain a few milliseconds longer than theirs. As I pull the right trigger I can only hope that one extra bullet penetrates them, ending their life just before they end mine. Before I knew it I had 12 bullets left and no reserve, with two more enemies come around the corner. I know I have to make every bullet count or I’m not going to make it out alive. As I prepare to fire, my hands and my controller almost become one. I feel more in control and my accuracy is at an all-time high. As I fire and they fire back my screen turns red as my soldier’s blood drains and his breathing becomes labored. The two enemies that had me outnumbered before lay before me on the dusty ground. As a reflex I run into a building, quickly hitting reload. My heart almost drops to see that I am completely out of ammo except for one last bullet sitting in the smoking chamber of my Vector. As I enter the building I ran face to face with a foe, and almost instinctively, my thumb presses down on the right thumb stick and my soldier quickly takes out his knife and stabs the other player before he has a chance to shoot me. I steal their Golden Honey Badger and move my way through the building, sprinting and hoping to find more to kill. As I run out into the light through the door I hear the sound of a sniper rifle and before I could react my soldier drops to the ground and my killstreak is over. My heart slowly falls back into its regular rhythm and my controller weight is felt again in my hands. I soon remember what brings me back to Call of Duty every year. It’s that sense of power, awareness and a slight hint of paranoia. This feeling is the reason why Call of Duty still dominates every other online shooter. It’s what fuels everyone to continue playing and trying to better themselves.



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