Borderlands: Handsome Collection – CONFIRMED


Gearbox has announced Borderlands Handsome Collection. It contains both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal and all announced DLC included. Over 100$ in value available for 59.99$ on March 24, 2015. Also announced was the Clap-Trap-In-A-Box Edition that comes with a remote controlled Clap-Trap who has a working camera for an eye, pre-installed catch phrases as well you have the ability to talk through him if that’s your kinda bag… Baby.

As well as a collectible Steel-Book case that look sick as hell and 12 Exclusive lithographs featuring all the vault hunters from The Handsome Collection. All for the small price of 400$ Now this collections sounds absolutely amazing and i would totally buy it if i could justify the money. I understand that the price is that way considering they are only making 5000 units but still that’s hefty for something that only retains its value if you keep it in its box. I recently sent an email out to Gearbox if i could purchase the game and the steelbook separately because it would look amazing in my collection. But sadly i got a reply back saying that they cannot sell it out of the Clap-Trap pack. I was quite saddened by that but what can i do but move on. I will still be picking up this wonderful remaster as soon as it comes out due to the fact that Borderlands is one of the most KICK ASS SERIES EVER!

Next piece of news is also related to Gearbox and the Borderlands series. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox announced that they are ready to start the next installment in the Borderlands Universe. Currently they have nothing in the works but with the help of some bad ass fans they hope to create something huge. If you are interested they have quite a few new job postings up on their website  I have zero industry experience but i sent an email to Randy hoping i get lucky. What i would give to have the opportunity to help design one of the greatest games of my generation.

To end today i want to announce…… wait for it…………………………. keep waiting…………… nothing.



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